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Meng Bai has an aptitude of five.

He is extremely cowardly and decided to enter --department to keep away from fighting. Instead, he is sent to Internal Study Department, which is also very much to his liking.

Due to his cowardly nature, the professors of Green Luan Academy believe that he is wasting his aptitude, and send him to the west to help Lin Xi.[1]


“I never wanted to become a hero… nor did I ever want any so-called glory… I am only an Internal Study Department student, all I wanted was to stay well in the academy’s Internal Study Department…”

“If you all end up accidentally jumping to your deaths… if I am the only one left, what am I supposed to do… also, if Lucky feels that you three died, but I am still alive, wouldn’t it think that I harmed you all to death, end up eating me?!”[2]

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