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Previous Life

Lin Xi is the main protagonist of ''Immortal Devil Transformation''.

He is carefree 17 years old youngster, the son of the family who owns a shop in the western part of Deerwood Town. After a meeting with a mysterious young woman, Lin Xi receives a recommendation to attend Green Luan Academy.

Although his cultivation talents seemed average, through a clever use of his hidden power, Lin Xi entered Green Luan Academy as a heaven's choice student and ultimately entered the Self Defense Department.


"The sunlight of early morning passed through the thriving wormwood, landing on Lin Xi’s body, the mottled radiance and shadows giving the rather lazy faced, handsome, seventeen or eighteen year old youth a misconception of wisdom." (Prologue)

Previous Life[]

(There isn't much information about his past life.)

"I came from a different world. That world of ours had high-rise buildings everywhere, with airplanes and trains. In that world, I was only an ordinary university student, already about to complete my fourth-year, but I got into a car accident. When I woke up, I ended up in this world, becoming Lin Xi. Speaking honestly, I really like this world, it is extremely pure, especially when my parents of that world didn’t even care about me, perhaps they even have no idea that I got into a car accident." (Lin Xi)
Note: There are many instances where Lin XI's cultivation isn't mention even when he advances, the following chapter numbers are there where it officially states that he has successfully made a breakthrough in the novel. For example, even though he becomes a late stage Soul expert at chapter 249, nowhere in the chapter does it says that he has become one until chapter 250.

Became a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest due to his bond with Lucky, the three tailed Black Foxcat.[1]

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