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An organization based on (Green luan palace) created by ordinary people during the immortal devils and god era. Deemed as one of the many cultivation holy land of the world. Later Principal Zhang decided to join the Academy in hopes of obtaining something.

Principal Zhang was previously a high school physics teacher from Chonqing City.  He left a message behind on a stele that was originally part of the wall at Starfall City (It was re-translated to Meteor City in later chapters).

The "runes" on this stele were actually simplified Chinese and contained a message to any other travelers containing his theories about how they came here, about their shared special ability and how it may evolve as they grow stronger.[1]

Leader : Principal Zhang

Currently in charge : Vice Principal Xia

Power structure:[]

  • Elders
  • Professors
  • Lecturers: Graduated students that decide to stay with the academy.
  • Students
    • 1st year: Newcomers that are selected through strict check throughout the Empire
    • 2nd year:
    • 3rd year:


- Self Defense Department[]

Self Defense is the research of commanding troops, leading armies into war, detecting assassinations.

- Medicine Department[]

Medicine is the research of medicinal theory and rescue methods, as well as the department that researches poison.

- Natural Arts Department[]

Natural Arts is the department that focuses on the study of bladed weapons and armor.

- Statecraft Department[]

Statecraft is the department that stresses the governing of internal affairs.

- Internal Study Department[]

Internal Study is the department that focuses on the body’s mysteries, releasing the body’s potential

- Spiritual Sacrifice Department[]

Spiritual Sacrifice is the study of astronomy and meteorology, as well as communicating and controlling spiritual beasts.

Special existences:[]

- Windstalkers

Windstalkers are the most powerful assassins. Those with extremely high natural affinity with Featherwind Runes, the ones best at displaying the power of a bow and arrow, greatest talent in marksmanship, are called those who move with the wind, Windstalkers.

- Braveslayers

Braveslayers are the most powerful war generals, able to take the head of a general from within a magnificent army, the most stunning, most intimidating generals. These people don’t necessarily have incredible talent in martial skill, but they are natural sword masters, destined to be able to control flying swords in the future.

- Noblehawks

Noblehawks are the best at concealment, able to laugh extremely happily even when their hearts are leaking blood, able to cut down friends of over ten years.

- Dark Priest

Dark Priest is a title that few people in the academy have acknowledged, even Yunqin Empire doesn’t acknowledge them, to the extent where they even wish to eliminate them. These are people who have deal with those that have enough proof against them to be executed, yet because of Yunqin Empire’s laws, they cannot be dealt with, seen by the empire as having committed treason and heresy to begin with. They are the most ruthless executioners, at the same time, the true virtuous individuals who proclaim justice in the darkness.

- Watchmen

Watchmen are those who roam about outside the academy, in charge of protecting Windstalkers and Braveslayers, and these types of individuals. Because the assassinations targeted at Windstalkers and Braveslayers, the assassination attempts targeted at these people are destined to be extremely powerful and dangerous. That is why in order to be useful, Watchmen usually need to hide their identities, observe from the darkness so that the enemy, or even the Windstalkers, Braveslayers, and other special existences do not know of their existence.

Green Luan Academy came to be the most influential of the three academies after Principal Zhang's famous march and expansion of Yunqin Empire and the following school reform.

After one graduates from Green Luan Academy, their rank is equal to town supervisors. [2]