Gao Yanan is a Heaven's choice student with an aptitude of five. Lin Xi has a crush on her.


This black-clothed young lady had her hair in a ponytail. Individually, her facial features weren’t all that stunning, but together, they made her look indescribably pretty. In addition, the way she put herself together was concise and stylish, full of youth and liveliness. [1]

Special Ability:

Snow resistance: With strength was naturally much greater than normal people, rumoured to be descended from the northern frozen sea's giants.  Able to use ice and snow to face the enemy.  Within a set range, ice and snow seem to be their runes, their soul weapons. [2]


she was the daughter of Yunqin’s Grand Secretary Zhou



Is sent to the west to meet and help Lin Xi. Meets An Keyi on the way.[3]


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