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During the first time Lin Xi meets with Associate Professor An Keyi, they strike a good relationship, and she has Lin Xi help with her important research. In this research, with the help of his time rewind ability, a very precious medicine which can nullify the effects of -- beast transformation is created. An keyi is promoted to Professor rank and Lin Xi is given two points and the medicine (later used to kill a sacred expert level cultivator).

She helps Lin Xi spend his points efficiently. She advised him on all his medicinal pills and in the aquisition of Daybreak sword and Divinepear bow.

She leaves the Academy some time before the first year students are sent out and is seen again heading to the west where Wenren Cangyue is rebelling. she meets with Gao Yanan who is on a similar mission.[1]


  • Medicine Department’s youngest female professor
  • Upon being promoted to Professor, she is two ranks higher than Xu Shengmo.
  • Nickanmed "Keke".


Source - B2C14

  1. Book 9 Chapter 31